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Q: What is a pre-order?
A: Toy Brands and Distributors has set pre-order deadlines 3-4 months prior to toy release dates to collect orders from all us toy collectors. We place orders with our International Suppliers during this pre-order time period.

Q: Advantages of having a pre-order?
A: Your order will be guaranteed to arrive. The price maybe cheaper and your order will be put on top priority and may arrive earlier than our regular stocks.

Q: Can I still order an item after the pre-order deadline?
A: Yes, we do order extra stocks for non pre-order customers. But the remaining stocks will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Q: Will the pre-order price change 6 months from now?
A: Some factors can affect pricing (exchange rate, shipping cost etc..). Unless there is a huge drop in the exchange rate, we will do our best to maintain price of our items. We also have some instances were Toy Manufacturers will extend to us extra discount and we passed them to our customers by lowering the final sale price lower than the pre-order price.

Q: Are all the items in your pre-order page the only items you will be having in stock soon?
A: We order a lot of items from our supplier especially restocks of previously available popular items. The Pre-Orders only comprises 50% of all the items arriving at GreattoysOnline every week. Please check our NEW ARRIVALS section at our website for the weekly new arrivals.

Q: Can I have my pre-order or deposit cancelled or transferred to another item? Can I have a deposited item transferred from one branch to another?
A: Sorry, once a pre-order is placed, it cannot be cancelled or transferred. This is due to accounting and record keeping issues, we are unable to transfer any item once deposit has been made.

Q: How much is the pre-order?
A: We charge 25% pre-order fee

Q: Can I pre-order an item via website?
A: Yes, but due to website design, pre-order paid via paypal or credit card on website must pay in full

Q: Where can I place and pay for a pre-order?
A: you can place a pre-order with any of our GreattoysOnline Outlet / Retail Stores. We also accept pre-orders thru e-mail ([email protected] and text message +63917-8206666 and payments thru one of the payment methods listed on the PAYMENT SECTION FAQ

Q: Can I pre-order at one GreattoysOnline branch and get the item at another branch?
A: Sorry no, once a pre-order has been placed on one branch, we will not allow any transfer.

Q: My item has already arrived and I can only go to GreattoysOnline Outlet / Retail store after the 15 days Pre-Order hold period expires, how can I get my item?
A: After the 15 days hold period, we can ship your item to you via LBC after full payment (please see payment section for payment methods). If still unclaimed after 20 days, we will be forced to revoke your down payment and sell the item. We do not like to forfeit reservations so we request customers to understand our position in this matter.

Q: What is the final price of a pre-order item?
A: The pre-order fee is 25% of the final price. You will pay the remaining 75% of the item during item pickup.

Q: I have made a pre-order, what do you I need to bring to claim my item?
A: Except for the 75% remaining balance of the pre-order, please bring the original pre-order receipt issued from the GreattoysOnline Outlet / Store and Bank Deposit slip if any for checking.

Q: Will you inform me once my pre-order item arrives?
A: Yes, we will contact you via text message or email once your order arrives ASAP.

Q: Why is a toy I pre-ordered not yet available even after its scheduled release date?
A: Manufacturers may change release dates due to a number of factors without prior notice. We will try to keep information up to date.

Q: I ordered an item that is Limited or highly demanded and manufacturer cut supply or manufacturer cancelled item production, do I get my money back?
A: There is a 1% chance of this happening but if it does happen. We will be happy to refund or transfer pre-orders if we were unable to get your pre-order item or manufacturer cancelled item production.


Q: I see an item you have in stock now, I don't have ready funds can I have it put on hold?
A: Yes, we do accept reservation with a 25% deposit. The reservation will be valid for 15 days only. After 15 days the item will be shipped to you after full payment plus shipping cost paid for. After 20 days and item is still unpaid, we will have item put back on sale and deposit is forfeited / cancelled.

Q: I have made a deposit, what do you I need to bring to claim my item?
A: Except for the 75% remaining balance of the deposit, please bring the original pre-order receipt issued from the GreattoysOnline Outlet / Store and Bank Deposit slip if any for checking.

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