General Questions



Q: Do you accept wholesale orders?
A: Yes we do accept wholesale orders. Please register at our website Once your registered, drop us an e-mail so we will upgrade your account to wholesale account. Once your log-in to our account you will see the wholesale discounts together with our suggested retail price.

Q: Which brands do you carry?
A: We are currently distributor of Top Japanese and Asian brands such as the following:

-Bandai Tamashii Nations Japan
-Megahouse Japan
-Banpresto Japan
-Chara-Ani Japan
-Popy Japan / P Japan
-Goodsmile & Max Factory Japan Group
-Copic Markers
-Hobby Japan Magazine
-Hobby Japan Amakuni
-UART Japan
-UART Comic Creators Lab
-Sen-ti-nel Japan
-Maketoys Japan

Q: How dot apply to Greattoys wholesaler program?

A:You can become part of our wholesale program by completing the following steps

Step 1: Create an account on our website.

Step 2: Fill up our wholesaler application form found here: Wholesale Application Form

Step 3: Then submit the following documents to

- Government Documents (DTI, Mayors Permit, BIR)
- Selling Outlet Details / Photos (Website, Facebook, Store etc)

Step 4: Allow two to three (2-3) days for verification and processing. Once you are approved, your online account will be upgraded to a wholesaler account.

Step 5: Once you have been upgraded to wholesale account, you will be able to view our wholesale prices. (note: wholesale prices will override discounts thus you will not be able to see any discounts)

Q: Where can I pick up my wholesale orders?
A: Pickup of orders will be at the Greattoys branches:

-Vmall reenhills branch
-Buendia Makati branch
-Festival Mall branch only
Shipping cost for provincial orders will be at buyer's expense. Full payment before shipout of any provincial wholesale orders.

Store/Website Questions

Q: How do I receive the latest updates of your new arrivals?
A: You can check the NEW ARRIVALS section at for our latest new arrivals. You can also register with our Newsletter section to receive weekly e-mail updates of the new arrivals at GreattoysOnline

Q: I see something marked as out of stock in your website or not found at your website, is it truly gone?
A: Since our is updated by Makati branch, this only reflects the stocks in our Makati store. Please contact our Outlet / Retail Stores for stock checking.

Q: How secure is your website?
A: is protected by worldwide credit card industry's highest 128 bit SSL provide by GeoTrust. All data and information in our website is also protected by SSL and will be kept confidential.

Q: Does GreattoysOnline buys toys from individual collectors?
A: Yes, we do buy items from other collectors, please email us list and photo at and we will reply if we are interested or not.

Q: Can I order thru your website and pickup at GreattoysOnline Outlet / Store?
A: Yes, you can purchase item from our website and pickup at our store. We need 2-3 days in advance to ready your order.

Q: Are your items inclusive of 12% VAT?
A: Yes, all our items are VAT inclusive.

Q: Why is there a change in price?
A: This rarely happens but there are situations like high taxation, change in exchange rate and were due to high demand and low supply that our suppliers are forced to increase price. But we will try our best to maintain best possible price.

Q: I would like to know the item's condition before purchase
A: 99% of all our items are brand new products with the exception of a few vintage products and special collectibles and items marked as "Open Box" items

Q: What are Open Box items?
A: Open box items are items which were opened due to (A) customs inspection (B) customer inspection (C) product display.

Q: Toy's box is in damaged state. Do you give discounts?
A: We cannot offer much discount for damaged boxes. Normally box damage is due to shipping and is not in our control. We suggest you try to get your items early to choose the better boxes.

Q: The toy I ordered is not the same with the picture on the box or the picture on your website, what should I do?
A:The pictures and specifications are provided by the manufacturer to give customers idea of what the final product will look like. The photos and specifications shown are of a prototype; the production version may vary. Also, items such are mass produced and as a result some inconsistencies in finish and painting may occur; these are not considered manufacturer's defects. If you absolutely must have perfection, prepare to do some touch-up work on your own.


Q: I live outside Metro Manila. Can you have my order shipped to me?
A: Yes of course. We will ship items to you via LBC. Estimated shipping cost can view on the shipping cost information section or during order checkout. Buyer will shoulder delivery charges.

Q: I am not from the Philippines. Can I order from you?
A: Yes, we are eBay Powerseller and Paypal Verified since 2001. We have shipped close to 10,000 orders in the past years to all corners of the globe. We have shipped boxes to countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Greece, South Africa, USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and more! We only charge actual shipping cost and accept different payment options. Buyer will shoulder delivery charges.

Q: I am not from the Philippines. How will my country's Custom office charge me on taxes?
A: We will put undervalue invoice and declare item as GIFT and ship from personal address to try to lower taxes. But we do not have control if your country's customs office decide to put any tax fee on your order.

Q: Do you combine multiple items into one shipment?
A: Yes we do combine multiple items to save on shipping cost. Please use the checkout feature for combine shipping cost or drop us an email / text message.

Q: Order statue listed as processing? Have you shipped it out yet?
A: There is some delay in shipping out of order and update of order status. Rest assure we will update your order with the parcel information once we ship it out.


Q: What is the difference between Pre-Orders and Reservations?

A: Pre-Orders is defined as pre-purchasing an item that is available in our ordering catalog, but has NOT yet arrived. Pre-orders have priority and are served chronologically once ordered items have arrived.

Reservations is defined as usually reserving an existing item that is already in-stock and available for purchase. Reservations are also accepted for arriving items, but are only served after all Pre-Orders have been served.

Q: I see different prices on our retail store, online store and eBay store. Which should we follow?
A: We sometimes have SPECIALS and SALES but also due to the international price fluctuation especially on hot collectibles, prices are subject to change without prior notice. Just tell our Outlet / Retail Store where you saw the special price so our store can verify the correct price and maybe sell you the item at the listed price.

Q: I see an item in your new arrivals but I do not see it for sale at your online store, can I still purchase and have it shipped to my place?
A: Yes, due to the large volume of new items coming in weekly, there is a delay on updating and upload of the items to our online store at You may purchase the item directly thru our Outlets / Retail Branches or ship to you. Please contact us at or text message +09178206666 for order.

Q: I do not see item price or availability listed on the website, how can we know if the item is still available?
A: the best way is a simple phone call, text message or email to the nearest GreattoysOnline outlet / retail store and they will check for you.

Q: Are all your items original?
A: Yes, all our items are 100% Original Genuine items with the exception of a handful of a few custom figures and weapons. We are authorized reseller for brands such as Bandai, Kotobukiya, Maxfactory, Very Hot, Hot Toys, Mcfarlane, Hasbro, Takara and other brands.

Q: How does the grading system work?
A: We here at GreattoysOnline uses the Condition (C grade) of 1-10 for all our items. 1 for worst condition and 10 for perfect condition. Example: C8 means a score of 8 out of perfect 10.


Q: Why are the outer box of Gundam Model Kits not shrink wrapped sealed like those in Department stores?
A: All our kits are fresh new stocks from Japan. The kits are not shrink wrapped sealed when taken from Bandai Japan factory sealed cartons. They are shrink wrapped sealed only before delivery to Department stores.

Q: Are all your Model Kits complete and sealed parts?
A: Since all our stocks are fresh from manufacturer, the parts are all fresh and intact on frame and inner sealed plastic bag. But settling of contents may occur during transportation.

Q: Do you check the Model Kits for complete parts and frames?
A: All Model Kit are thoroughly checked for complete parts and frames prior to shipping or customer purchase from our outlet / store. we request that all customers take the responsibility to have all toy parts accounted for before leaving the store premises. Please report any problems to GreattoysOnline staff immediately. After leaving the store a no-return-no-exchange will be implement we will not entertain any complaints of missing parts.

Q: There is a problem with my model kit, can I return the kit?
A: We can only accept returns for defective or missing parts only if the inner plastic bags are factory sealed and unopened. Once the inner plastic bag has been opened, we will not accept any returns.

Q: What is the best way to buy items from GreattoysOnline?
A: Best way would be to visit our Outlets / Stores and to order via or our eBay Store (GreattoysOnline and GreattoysOnline-com

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